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MoveOn Members in California’s 17th District Endorse Mike Honda

California members of MoveOn.org Political Action have voted decisively to endorse progressive champion Rep. Mike Honda in the state’s 17th Congressional district, with an overwhelming 76% of votes cast in favor of backing Honda.

The endorsement is the second by MoveOn members in the 2016 cycle. MoveOn has more than 17,000 members in California’s 17th Congressional district.

Through his 15 years in Congress, Rep. Honda has one of the most progressive voting records of any sitting member of Congress. He’s been a champion for expanding Social Security, protecting Net Neutrality, and ensuring the civil liberties of all people. Last year, with the help of MoveOn members, Rep. Honda defeated conservative Democrat Ro Khanna in a close race, despite millions of dollars in support he received from right-wing millionaires like Peter Thiel.

Here’s what a few MoveOn members in California had to say about Honda:

“Mike Honda is known for being one of the most progressive Congressmen in the country. He was a high school teacher before this and has been in politics for decades. I believe that he’s one of the few who actually still vote based on what is ethical.” — Dany, Cupertino

“Mike Honda is the more progressive of the two candidates. Plus Ro Khanna has taken money from big business sources which should be a red flag on his true nature.” — Rene W., Fremont

“Mike has been a strong and reliable progressive voice for many years. Ro is exceedingly ambitious and is backed by wealthy, multi-national Silicon Valley tech firms. Unseating Honda would be a major right wing coup.” — Craig D., San Jose

Please show your support to Rep. Mike Honda by signing up for his campaign today.

In the 2014 election cycle, MoveOn members made over 6.7 million phone calls for endorsed candidates. MoveOn members have also raised millions of dollars—including more than $1 million for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Senate race in Massachusetts in 2012—mobilized volunteers, and run ads in support of endorsed candidates across the country.

Nationwide, there are 8 million MoveOn members.