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MoveOn members going big to save health care

Dear MoveOn member,

In the face of the Republicans’ craven attempt to ram through a dangerous and costly repeal of the Affordable Care Act, MoveOn members have spoken: In a membership vote this week, more than 96% of votes cast were for MoveOn to run a massive, emergency, top-priority campaign to stop health care repeal, which the media is now calling Trumpcare.

So we’re doing it. We’re shifting staff and resources, and we’re making this fight our very top priority for the next few weeks. The countdown clock on our “18 Days to Save HealthCare” campaign starts now.

We can win this. If just three Republican senators vote against repeal … then health care repeal can’t happen! The bill needs at least 50 votes in the Senate. We expect that all Democrats will vote NO. And Republicans aren’t united in support, according to media reports—thanks in no small part to all of our activism so far.1

It will take enormous grassroots energy to confront members of Congress over the coming days. Together, we’ll flood their phone lines; organize our friends, our family, our neighbors and folks across the country; fund breakthrough ads; organize state by state; and so much more.

We have so much to do in the next 18 days. We’ll need to:

  • Kill this bill in the Senate by making sure that Republicans nationwide—particularly Senate Republicans—hear that this plan is unpopular and politically toxic. Key Republican senators have already expressed reservations about the House plan. We need to make sure that the national media is covering all the groups—from doctors, to executives, to seniors, to former Republican and Trump voters who oppose the plan. We must make sure that Republicans everywhere feel the pressure.
  • Send a message to Republican House members from districts that voted for Clinton over Trump, by making them realize that their jobs are in jeopardy if they support this plan.
  • Make sure that Democrats do everything in their power to resist this bill in Congress and that not a single Democratic senator votes yes.
  • Invest heavily in the special election in Georgia, where MoveOn members endorsed John Ossoff for Congress. Ossoff, who is running to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price, Trump’s new secretary of Health and Human Services, is unabashedly in support of the ACA. Winning this “safe red” seat would make Republicans run for the hills. We’ve already raised nearly $200,000 since last night for Ossoff’s election!

Our emergency campaign to do all these things will require substantial resources, and we have just 18 days!

But we know that we can do it—because MoveOn members voted overwhelmingly to mount this effort, and MoveOn members are the fuel that will make it go.

Thanks for all you do.