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MoveOn Members Endorse Rick Weiland for Senate

MoveOn_Members Endorse Rick Weiland

MoveOn members in South Dakota have voted decisively to endorse Rick Weiland for the U.S. Senate. Here’s what a few members across the state had to share about Rick Weiland:

“Rick is a grassroots candidate and a progressive voice who understands the issues facing the 99% who seem to be forgotten by most politicians today. I believe that he will work hard for the people of South Dakota-all of them, not just the wealthy or the well connected.”—Susan A., Brookings, SD

“His campaign is focused on “Taking Our Country Back” from big money. He has visited all the towns, even the smallest ones, once and is on his second tour of all towns in SD. His campaign is grassroots with him leading the way. He is a solid Democrat; well spoken and passionate.”—Eileen V., Sioux Falls, SD

“Rick Weiland has some great experience, he is hard working, personable, energetic, sincerely populist and he cares about getting big money out of politics.”—Roger N., Ola, SD

Click here to visit www.rickweiland.com and show your support.

This fall, MoveOn members across the country will be working to turn out progressive voters for Rick Weiland and other candidates. Click here to help fund the campaign to save the Senate.