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MoveOn Members Endorse Mark Udall

MoveOn_Members Endorse Mark Udall

MoveOn members in Colorado have voted decisively to endorse Mark Udall for re-election to the U.S. Senate. Here’s what a few members across the state had to share about Sen. Udall:

“Udall has been a steady, progressive force in Western politics. His key opponent, Cory Gardner, could not be more opposite. He’s taken millions from the Kochs with more coming. We need Udall in the Senate, for Colorado and America.” —Greg S., Westcliffe, CO

“Mark Udall has recently taken a brave stand against the Keystone XL pipeline. Well before Snowden came forward he tried and tried to warn us about ubiquitous surveillance although his Senate committe membership kept him from speaking plainly. He stands head and shoulders above the opposition.” —Florence J., Boulder, CO

“Mark Udall was an early supporter of Elizabeth Warren’s senate campaign. He has a long track record of supporting environmental issues, LGBT rights, and women’s issues. He supports restrictions to granting NSA and other agencies access to personal information.” —George H., Pueblo, CO

Click here to visit www.markudall.com and show your support.

This fall, MoveOn members will be working to turn out progressive voters in support of Mark Udall. Click here to help fund the campaign.