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MoveOn members endorse Ilhan Omar (MN-5) for Congress

MINNESOTA — MoveOn Political Action members in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district have voted overwhelmingly to endorse Ilhan Omar for Congress, with 71% of votes cast in favor of backing Omar.

State Representative Ilhan Omar is an experienced Twin Cities policy analyst, organizer, public speaker and advocate. In 2016, she was elected as the Minnesota House Representative for District 60B, making her the highest-elected Somali-American public official in the United States. She won her election with 80% of the vote, even after facing racist and xenophobic attacks during her campaign because of her African heritage and Muslim faith. Born in Somalia, Ilhan and her family fled the country’s civil war when she was eight. The family spent four years in a refugee camp in Kenya before coming to the United States in the 1990s. In addition to serving in the legislature, Ilhan is a mother of three and the Director of Policy Initiatives at Women Organizing Women, where she empowers East African women to take civic leadership roles in their community.  If elected, she would be one of only two Muslims in the House of Representatives.

MoveOn will mobilize its more than 20,000 members in MN-5 to volunteer and vote for Omar.

Here’s what a few MoveOn members in the district had to say about Omar:

“Omar represents the peace and democracy we need to prosper. She is educated and earnest in her good intentions. We are so lucky to have her.” –Lisa R. Minneapolis, MN

“As a woman from Minneapolis, I have seen Ilhan’s leadership up close. She is a brilliant leader and an extraordinary bridge builder. She is a true Progressive and a stellar human being. Ilhan excites me more than any political leader since Paul Wellstone!!” –Laurie B., Minneapolis, MN

“She has already proven herself and has made a strong name for herself in MN state legislature. We need to have strong candidates who can win in this midterm, and she is one.” –Jennifer W., Richfield, MN

“We need more leaders in Congress that are willing to translate the desires of working people into real policy changes at the national level. Ilhan is that leader.” –Patrick A., Minneapolis, MN

This year, MoveOn members will lead a march to the ballot box—channeling grassroots Resistance energy into winning key races. MoveOn members are planning to make endorsements in more than 100 House districts, working to put dozens of new seats in play, unseating Republican incumbents, and electing diverse, progressive candidates who will work to represent the interests of their constituents. MoveOn’s Resist & Win election program includes mobilizing and training grassroots activists, break new ground in digital persuasion, shaping the narrative, and fundraising directly for champions.

See all MoveOn endorsements here: moveon.org/candidates

In this cycle, MoveOn members have contributed $1.9 million to candidates—including more than $200,000 for Stacey Abram’s campaign for Georgia governor, $250,000 for Senator-elect Doug Jones (AL) and $660,000 for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (MA) reelection. In 2016, MoveOn members raised $1.2 million for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, mobilized volunteers, and ran ads in support of endorsed candidates.

MoveOn Political Action represents the collective will of MoveOn’s members at the ballot box by helping to elect progressive candidates.