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MoveOn Members Endorse Gary Peters for Senate

MoveOn_Members Endorse Gary Peters

MoveOn members in Michigan have voted decisively to endorse Gary Peters for the U.S. Senate. Here’s what a few members across Michigan had to share about Gary Peters:

“Gary Peters ideology is what’s best for the citizens of Michigan, he’s not beholden to mega corporate donors as his opponents are. I believe Gary will fight hard for the rights of women, the economy, schools, growth and environmental issues. Michigan needs his type of leadership to get the state back on track again. “—Susan M., Dallas, MI

“Gary Peters continues to support the Affordable Care Act despite major targeting of negative advertising against him by Republican Terri Lynn Land. She is receiving significant funding from the Koch brothers and, despite her gender, plans to reverse advances made by women in the past decades, particularly the right to control their bodies. Gary Peters serves the people; Terri Lynn Land serves that tiny minority that holds the wealth in Michigan and other states in this country. I’m casting my vote for Gary Peters! “—Patricia C., Grand Rapids, MI

“Gary has been a staunch and effective progressive in the House and will be a worthwhile successor to Carl Levin in the Senate.”—Michael S., Huntington, MI

Click here to visit www.petersformichigan.com and show your support.

This fall, MoveOn members will be working to turn out progressive voters for Gary Peters and other candidates. Click here to help fund the campaign to save the Senate.