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MoveOn Members Endorse Al Franken for Senate

MoveOn_Members Endorse Al Franken

MoveOn members in Minnesota have voted decisively to endorse Al Franken for re-election to the U.S. Senate. Here’s what a few members across the state had to share about Sen. Franken:

“Al Franken has been more than I could have wished. Maybe the best vote I ever cast. From day one he has fought diligently for the issues important to him. Issues that are progressive and important to me. He is a very active and vocal representative for progressive issues. Please give him your full support.”—Bill C., Minneapolis, MN

“Al Franken has proved himself to be a man of the people. Perhaps the best endorsement for Al is the fact that he has been the focal point of the sleazy attack ads funded by the Koch brothers’ astroturf organization “American Encore”.”—Diane H., Lake City, MN

“Al fights for a progressive agenda for Minnesota and the country. He’s one of our strongest advocates—we need to make sure that we keep his voice and his vote sounding loud in the U.S. Senate.”—Walter A., Shoreview, MN

Click here to visit www.alfranken.com and show your support.

This fall, MoveOn members will be working to turn out progressive voters for Sen. Al Franken and other candidates. Click here to help fund the campaign.