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MoveOn: “Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not an Outlier in the Republican Party. She Is a Perfect Encapsulation of Today’s Republican Party.”

Statement from Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn:

“Here is the plain truth: Marjorie Taylor Greene is not an outlier in the Republican Party. She is a perfect encapsulation of today’s Republican Party.

“Majorie Taylor Greene has called for violence against members of Congress, called school shootings a false flag, and has pledged allegiance to a group the FBI has called a domestic terror threat. Her views aren’t just outside the mainstream; they are flat-out dangerous.

“Not only does she have no business being on congressional committees, she has no business being in Congress. Each day Majorie Taylor Greene remains in Congress, she remains a threat to our nation and her colleagues.

“Congress must move to expel her immediately.”

Contact: press@moveon.org