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MoveOn Launches Five-Figure ‘Real Voter Voices’ Digital Ad Campaign for Stacey Abrams in Advance of Primary, Carrying Authentic Voices of Georgia Voters

GEORGIA — The authentic voices of Georgians supporting Stacey Abrams for governor are being carried to about 250,000 potential Georgia voters this week via a new digital ad campaign launched by MoveOn Political Action in advance of the state’s May 22 gubernatorial primary.

In addition to paid delivery of the videos via digital ads—which will cost tens of thousands of dollars contributed in small amounts by MoveOn members—MoveOn members volunteering in the organization’s campaign to support Abrams will send text messages containing the videos to potential voters via MoveOn’s peer-to-peer texting app, Spoke.

View the digital video ads that MoveOn is running in Georgia here:

• Roger – https://www.facebook.com/7292655492/posts/10155412497100493
• Donna + Jess – https://www.facebook.com/7292655492/posts/10155412496980493
• Darion – https://www.facebook.com/7292655492/posts/10155412496995493
• Ray – https://www.facebook.com/7292655492/posts/10155412497050493
• Abrams at Netroots Nation – https://www.facebook.com/7292655492/posts/10155413323780493

MoveOn endorsed Abrams in November after she won more than 80 percent of votes cast by the group’s 125,000 members in Georgia, and more than 7,000 MoveOn members have contributed over $200,000 directly to Stacey Abrams’ campaign.

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