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MoveOn is hiring campaign directors!

As a pillar of the current Resistance movement, MoveOn is mobilizing opposition to Trump and the GOP’s toxic agenda, including helping to lead efforts to defend health care, to stop any new U.S. wars, fighting for a Clean Dream Act, and opposing tax cuts for big corporations and the rich. We are determined to make the 2018 elections a turning point, helping Democrats win the House to create a roadblock to Trump & Republicans’ ability to advance their toxic agenda, while electing new progressive champions who can help lead our country to a better future in races down ballot across the country. To that end, we are looking for outstanding new campaign directors to lead this work!

MoveOn.org’s campaign directors are high-level digital-first organizers who identify, develop, and execute high-impact and game-changing campaigns that empower MoveOn members to achieve concrete victories and further a progressive agenda. We are looking for experienced, passionate, inventive, collaborative colleagues to expand the team in the critical fights of this acutely dangerous political era.

You can find the full job description and application here!