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NEW ADS: MoveOn Expands Senate Program in Maine, Arizona, and South Carolina 

New $2 million Ad Campaign on TV, Digital, Radio Fueled by Swell of Energy Against Republicans Stacking the Supreme Court and Denying Voters a Say

Washington, DC — Today, MoveOn is releasing TV, digital, and radio ads in Maine, Arizona, and South Carolina to reach young people, people of color, and women, key groups that are the backbone of the progressive movement that will usher in change at the ballot box this year. As we head into the final weeks of the election, these creative and targeted ads are designed to resonate with these voters whose voices are often taken for granted.

“As the death toll keeps rising and the economic pain continues to get worse, Donald Trump and Senate Republicans continue to do nothing to help suffering and struggling families and instead are focused on stacking the Supreme Court and denying voters a say,” said Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn Political Action. “Even as Trump and Senate Republicans themselves are getting sick, they still won’t pass a COVID relief bill, because they are laser-focused on jamming through a Supreme Court nominee that will take health care away from 20 million people during a pandemic. It’s remarkable. It’s appalling. And this campaign is part of the effort to ensure we vote them out.”

MoveOn expanded its program in these key states after an outpouring of grassroots support for the progressive movement in light of Trump and Senate Republicans blatantly ignoring the will of the people by trying to ram through a Supreme Court nominee as millions of people are already voting. Instead of addressing the pandemic and economic collapse, Republicans are stacking the court with a nominee who would take away people’s health care and end protections for people with pre-existing conditions – including COVID.

The effort is funded by small-dollar contributions from tens of thousands of MoveOn members across the country.

Three ads will run across all three states:

  • “Pendulum” & “Dissent” will highlight the legacy of RBG and why we must continue her fight to protect health care and Roe v. Wade by voting.

Additional state-specific ads will delve deeper into the failed records of the Republican incumbents who have proven themselves harmful leaders who are unwilling to challenge Trump’s assault on health care and the economy.

  • In South Carolina, Lindsey Graham is one of the president’s most loyal lap dogs who puts his own political career over the lives of South Carolinans. After more than 25 years in office, Graham is out of touch and out of sync with the needs and priorities of South Carolina and has shown he’ll say anything to get elected. MoveOn’s two ads will remind South Carolina voters who Lindsey Graham is: a phony willing to endanger hundreds of thousands of lives and threaten health care coverage in the middle of a pandemic.
  • In Maine, Susan Collins places her allegiance to Trump and Mitch McConnell over her responsibility to her constituents. All Collins can do is endlessly say how “disappointed” in Trump she is as she votes with him 94% of the time and enables his reckless behavior. MoveOn’s two ads in Maine will remind everyone that a vote for Collins is a vote for four more years of Trump and keeping Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate.
  • In Arizona, Martha McSally is another Trump lap dog who failed to protect Arizonans during the COVID-19 pandemic and would take away their health care. MoveOn’s two ads will motivate young Latinas to vote “before it’s too late.” The race in Arizona is critical to flipping the Senate, and the ad campaign focuses on connecting voting to an act of caring for the community. Young Latinas are particularly motivated by ideals and responsibility to family, and this series of ads is designed to remind viewers that voting is a tool to help move us all to a safer, more equitable society.

MoveOn has committed tens of millions of dollars to defeat Trump and end GOP control of the Senate through its “America for All” election campaign. MoveOn members have endorsed in 11 key Senate races, raised over $2 million to contribute to endorsed candidates’ campaigns, mobilized through a relational digital organizing program to increase turnout and that has already engaged more than 500,000 volunteers in swing states, and used innovative digital tactics to inspire voters to come to the polls.

These ads are funded by MoveOn.org Political Action.