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MoveOn Executive Director Responds to President Biden’s Speech on Voting Rights

Following President Biden’s remarks on voting rights, MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

Our democracy is under daily attack from forces seeking to destroy it for their own political gain. It started long before January 6th and it has continued more than six months after the attack on the Capitol. 

“This is a five alarm fire for our democracy. From attacking the right to vote, to lying daily about the last election, to fake audits in states, to refusing to allow a non-partisan investigation into the greatest attack on our homeland since 9/11, Republicans have opened a multi-front war on our democracy. 

“President Biden’s speech today is important, and made clear that there is much more work to be done. While the problem has been acknowledged, we now need strong, sustained presidential engagement on this systemic crisis. We need President Biden to use the full power of his office to do whatever it takes to safeguard our democracy and protect our right to vote. History will judge our inaction and the erosion of American democracy if we fail to meet the moment. 

“We must remove the obstacle standing in the way of addressing this crisis — the filibuster. The right to vote — the cornerstone of our democracy — must not be subject to Mitch McConnell’s political obstruction. Arcane and outdated Senate procedures and norms are not more important than our constitutional rights. 

“We will continue to demand that Democrats on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue take bolder action to dismantle this holdover from the Jim Crow era. We cannot let today’s GOP stand in the way of what we all need — a fair democracy that works for all of us.”