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MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting on WHPA Vote

In response to the U.S. Senate failing to codify abortion rights today, MoveOn Political Action Executive Director Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

Washington, D.C. – “This vote was important because every person in this country deserves to know where their elected leaders stand on whether they should have control over their own bodies. Every American should know if their elected official believes they are full citizens of this country or second-class citizens. But this needs to be a first step, not a last step. 

“We’re not interested in show votes. We’re not interested in empty rhetoric. Everything is on the line. We need and we expect our elected officials to act with urgency. To meet this moment. No Senate rule is more important than our bodies. Our rights. We will not allow anyone – from either party – to hide behind archaic Senate rules on this issue. End the filibuster if you have to. But support reproductive freedom now. 

“And our message is clear for those who won’t: We’ll see you at the ballot box in November.”


MoveOn is a people-powered force for progress. MoveOn mobilizes the left to elect Democrats and enact progressive change. We are the homebase for millions of members who refuse to accept the status quo and are moved to take action. For more than a generation, MoveOn has been a bulwark against the radical right, channeling our voices to end wars, protect democracy, and advance justice for all.