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MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting on Signing of Postal Funding Bill

Now It’s Time to Fire DeJoy

Washington, D.C. – In response to President Biden signing the USPS funding bill, MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

“This is a big win for the millions of people all over the country who took action and made their voices heard to protect this essential American institution from the forces who were hellbent on destroying it through cuts and privatization. Now, we must finish the job of protecting the United States Postal Service by firing the leading culprit, Trump’s hatchet man, Louis DeJoy.”

“Today’s victory ensures that no matter your ZIP code, you can rely on the post office to get important mail and lifesaving medicines on time while also securing family-sustaining jobs for nearly 650,000 public servants. These postal services are especially essential for the elderly and for Black, brown, white, and Indigenous Americans who live in rural and tribal communities. But everything we are celebrating today will remain at risk as long as Donald Trump’s pick to privatize the post office continues as postmaster general.”

“President Biden needs to finish the job he started by securing enough appointees on the USPS board to fire DeJoy. Americans want to finally trust again that neither snow, nor rain, nor Trump appointees shall delay their mail.”

For the campaign to save the post office, MoveOn:

  • Worked with partners to hold over 800 rallies at post offices across the country 
  • Collected over 1.4 million signatures to petitions to save the post office
  • Members made thousands of phone calls to their elected officials 
  • Mailed over 100,000 “We Love Mail Carriers” stickers to members


MoveOn, one of the largest independent progressive advocacy groups in the United States, mobilizes millions for a better society—one in which everyone can thrive. Whether through supporting candidates, passing legislation, or changing our national culture, MoveOn members are committed to mobilizing together for an inclusive and progressive future marked by equality, sustainability, and justice.