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MoveOn on Biden Infrastructure Plan: “Democrats Must Move With Boldness And Urgency To Meet This Moment”

Statement of Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn, on President Biden’s infrastructure plan:

“President Biden has laid out a bold first step to rebuilding our country after the catastrophic impacts of the pandemic and President Trump’s failed leadership. It is the exact kind of leadership and change from the past that voters voted for in historic numbers last year.

“The plan is a great start as it puts working families ahead of the ultra wealthy and corporations and prioritizes investments in traditionally marginalized communities and workers.

“But the plain truth is the problems are big and so must be the solutions. And now is the moment to go big and move quickly.

“The Republican Party has made it crystal clear that they are more interested in debating Dr. Suess and making appearances on Fox and Friends than engaging in good faith on policy solutions to the multiple crises this nation faces.

“The truth is Republicans are not interested in governing, and we cannot allow them to get in the way. Democrats must be prepared to pass this vital legislation without them.

“We must move with boldness and urgency to meet this moment. This plan is a very good start. Democrats must build upon it and act without delay.”