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MoveOn Demands Senate Power-Sharing Agreement Deny Committee Seats to Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Other Senators Who Voted Against Election Results And Incited Violence

Progressive Group Urges Senate Majority Leader Schumer to Protect Democracy

Statement from Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn, calling on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to deny committee seats to Sen. Josh Hawley, Sen. Ted Cruz, and other Senators who voted against the 2020 election results: 

“Elected officials like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and the other Senators who sought to use their power to promote the big lie to overturn the results of the 2020 election—and who incited a deadly insurrection—have no place in the U.S. Senate and most certainly should not be rewarded for their deadly attacks on democracy with seats leading important committees in the next Congress.

“Senate Majority Leader Schumer must work to ensure that any power-sharing agreement with Mitch McConnell keeps these insurrectionist Senators from committee positions where they can use their influence to further undermine our democracy.

“Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and their allies in the Senate must be held accountable for their attacks on our democracy.”

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