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MoveOn Celebrates Democrat Doug Jones’ Victory in the Alabama Senate Race

Statement from Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, on Democrat Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama Senate race:

“Tonight, voters in Alabama delivered a clear message to Republicans across the country: your days in power are numbered.

“The American people reject Republican politics of division, racism and hate, they reject the GOP’s agenda to take a wrecking ball to health care coverage, and they reject a political party that prioritizes tax cuts for billionaires.  Voters in Alabama refused to let a radical, anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-Black, anti-Muslim candidate with a history of harassing and sexually assaulting minors represent them in Congress.

“This election is proof that the American people are fired up and mobilized against Donald Trump and the GOP’s efforts to rewrite the tax code to favor of huge corporations and billionaires, while gutting health care coverage for 13 million Americans and deporting millions of Dreamers. The fact that a Democrat was even a viable contender in a U.S. Senate race in a deep-red state like Alabama, much less the victor, is a sign of the potency of the grassroots Resistance movement. From taxes, to health care, to immigration, Jones has pledged to resist Republicans’ agenda and fight for progressive priorities—and Alabama voters support those priorities.  

“While there is still much work left to do to resist the GOP and its toxic agenda leading up to elections in 2018, tonight we celebrate Doug Jones and the state of Alabama. Tides are turning, the Resistance is working, and this election confirms that power really can be in the hands of the American people. Other Democrats should follow Doug Jones’ lead and stand with the Resistance to win power in 2018.”

Here are some of the ways MoveOn members mobilized to support Doug Jones:

  • On September 22, MoveOn.org Political Action was one of the first national organizations to endorse Jones after a near-unanimous vote of the 43,000 MoveOn members in Alabama.
  • MoveOn volunteers sent 93,000 text messages to persuadable Alabama voters and more than 17,000 texts to Alabama MoveOn members encouraging them to vote.

  • 10,710 MoveOn members across the country chipped in more than $250,000 directly to the Jones campaign in response to asks from MoveOn.

  • Alabama MoveOn leaders organized 13 volunteer events with over 120 members RSVP’d.

  • MoveOn partnered with New Nations Rising PAC and Rep. John Lewis to create GOTV ads featuring Rep. Lewis that we promoted to thousands of Alabama voters in the final days of the election. Watch the videos here:

  • 10 Alabama MoveOn members submitted videos talking about why they supported Doug Jones. MoveOn then ran a $55,000 digital ad campaign delivering those videos to more than 475,000 Alabama voters. Three videos below:

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