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MoveOn Calls on Schumer, McConnell to Remove Seditious Senators from Senate Impeachment Trial

Senators who supported Trump’s insurrection cannot also be his judges.

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepares to send to the U.S. Senate the article of impeachment passed by the House against Donald Trump for inciting a deadly insurrection in an attempt to undermine America’s election, MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump has been impeached for inciting a mob to attack our country and its lawmakers with deadly violence in an effort to override his election loss. But Trump did not act alone. Senators who participated in Trump’s campaign to undermine our free and fair election and fan the flames of insurrection share responsibility for gathering and inciting the crowd that assaulted the Capitol and killed a police officer on January 6. Senators who supported Trump’s insurrection cannot also be his judges.

“Senators cannot be impartial jurors in a trial for acts in which they themselves are implicated. These senators should be witnesses, not jurors. Senators Schumer and McConnell must remove seditious senators from Trump’s impeachment trial via the trial rules once Speaker Pelosi sends the article of impeachment to the Senate.”