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MoveOn Applauds Ossoff & Warnock For Historic Victories in Georgia 

MoveOn Celebrates Grassroots Georgia Organizers as Foundation of Historic Senate Victory

In response to the historic wins in Georgia, Rahna Epting, executive director at MoveOn, released the following statement:

“Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock’s victories in Georgia mark the dawn of a new era in Congress. With control of both the legislative and the executive branches, Democrats can finally get to work on real structural change that Americans so desperately need right now. And there is no time to waste.
“Yesterday, a violent mob of white nationalists attacked the Capitol in a desperate attempt to hold onto power. These seditious acts come as a record-breaking majority of Americans voted to reject the racism and recklessness of the GOP by kicking Republicans out of the White House and into the minority party in both Houses of Congress, sending both Georgia Republican senators packing.

“We owe the historic victories in Georgia to a multiracial coalition of voters led by Black organizers and Black voters who turned out in record numbers. They delivered a historic win that will rebalance power in Congress and set our country on a more compassionate path. Despite generations of racist voter suppression tactics, Georgia voters brought the power of their vote to the ballot box and made this historic electoral victory a reality.

“We celebrate the organizers in Georgia, especially Black women, for their tireless work reaching voters across the state, and proving to the world that the votes of low-income, queer, Black, Brown, AAPI, and indigenous people matter.

“Throughout this election, MoveOn members focused on uplifting Georgians and local organizations on the ground. A diverse group of more than 65,000 MoveOn volunteers in Georgia organized their friends, families, and communities to vote. They made over 188,000 phone calls, sent 5.2 million text messages, and more than 3,000 MoveOn members took action with local Georgia groups to knock on doors.

“Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock ran bold campaigns that reached millions of Georgians, turned them out to vote, and will fundamentally change our future.

“We look forward to working with Senator-Elect Jon Ossoff, Rev. Senator-Elect Dr. Raphael Warnock and the new Congress and administration toward the transformational changes to meet the multiple crises we face, including a people’s stimulus, investment in green jobs, criminal justice reform, and democracy reform.

“Voters have given Democrats a mandate. Now they must act on it. And quickly.

“Step one – the Senate must eliminate the arcane and destructive filibuster so we can act with the urgency to address the multiple crises we currently face.”


In Georgia’s Senate runoff campaign, MoveOn’s work included:

  • Over 3,000 MoveOn members door knocking with local Georgia organizations
  • Over 188,000 dials (to get people to become vote triplers or mobilizers, not just turn out)
  • MoveOn members sent more than 5,288,335 text messages (to get people to become vote triplers or mobilizers, not just turn out)
  • MoveOn spent $560,000 on digital ads, radio ads, GIF and meme creation, and influencer marketing targeting Black voters under 45.
  • MoveOn supported and sponsored a COVID-safe early voting GOTV concert in Atlanta on December 30th hosted by Black Male Voter Project called “Turn Up and Turnout” which was held outside the largest early voting location in the state and concluded with a March to the polls.
  • MoveOn spent $160,000 on digital ads about Perdue & Loeffler’s corruption and commissioned billboards throughout Atlanta’s and Savannah’s suburbs
  • MoveOn members donated $1 million dollars directly to the candidates (split between Warnock and Ossoff)

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