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MoveOn Announces Campaign to Keep Presumptive Republican Nominee Trump Out of White House

MoveOn Members Will Work to Ensure Country Rejects Trump’s Hateful and Dangerous Rhetoric

Group Doing Research and Messaging Testing Now to Inform Intensive Campaign in Key States

Statement of Ilya Sheyman, Executive Director of MoveOn.org Political Action:

“Donald Trump, the now-presumptive Republican nominee, and his hateful and bigoted rhetoric are not only a political threat but a clear and present danger to the very fabric of our nation. Trump’s campaign has been fueled by racist, bigoted, xenophobic, misogynistic and violent rhetoric that not only divides our nation but also makes us less secure.

“The fact that Trump is now the presumptive nominee is a sad but telling statement about the current Republican Party. And for those in the Republican Party who take solace in the notion that Trump can shift to being more so-called ‘presidential’ or that those in vulnerable races can run away from him, we have news for you—the record of Trump’s outrageous, offensive and outright un-American comments and actions is a mile long and he, and you, will not be able to run from it.

“While we will continue our work in support of the Sanders campaign, which MoveOn members launched with an endorsement vote in January, and work for every vote in the upcoming Democratic contests, it is clear that we must be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Given this, tonight we are announcing that we are committed to running a multimillion-dollar campaign to keep the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, out of the White House and to ensure the country rejects his hateful and dangerous rhetoric.

“Our nation is better than this.”