Mail-in voting open now in all states!

Time is running out to vote by mail! Voting by mail allows you to vote early and stay socially distant, but it takes time. Request a ballot ASAP and return it in person by Election Day, November 3, to ensure you meet the deadline.

Some states require you to print your form, sign it, and return via email, fax, or mail. Read all instructions when you have finished the form online to confirm your next steps.

Contact the voter protection hotline if you have any questions or trouble with voting.



Every state has their own rules about mail-in ballots, so it is important to look at your state’s deadlines and requirements. Many states are expanding access to mail-in ballots because of the pandemic, so things may have changed since the last election. Use this form to see if you can apply to vote by mail today. 

Experts are expecting a surge in mail-in ballot requests this year. We need to support our local post offices & election administrators so they are able to deliver ballots smoothly. If you can, request and submit your mail-in ballot now!

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