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Michael Moore: Wisconsin Has ‘Roused a Sleeping Giant’

Michael Moore spoke to a 50,000-person crowd in Madison, WI, on Saturday, calling Scott Walker “your soon-to-be-ex-governor” and thanking Wisconsinites for sparking a long-overdue uprising.

You have roused a sleeping giant known as the working people of the United States of America. Right now, the Earth is shaking and the ground is shifting under the feet of the people who are in charge. Your message has inspired people in all 50 states. And that message is: “We. Have. Had it!”

Watch the whole thing here:

Here are five more great quotes:


America is not broke. Wisconsin is not broke. The only thing that’s broke is the moral compass of the rulers.


A government run by billionaires for billionaires is an affront to freedom, morality, and humanity.


The rich have overplayed their hand. They couldn’t have been just content with the money they raided from our Treasury. They couldn’t be satisfied with having removed millions of jobs and shipped them overseas. They had to have more…. They had to strip our teachers of their dignity. They had to shut us up and shut us down so we that weren’t even allowed at the table to bargain.


Just like your soon-to-be-ex-governor, I have nothing more than a high school education. But Gov. Walker, back when I was in school, every student had to take one semester of economics before you can graduate. Here’s what I learned: Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows when we make things. It grows when we have good jobs with good wages to buy the things we need. And guess what: That creates more jobs.


Thank you Wisconsin. You have made people realize that right now is our last best chance to grab the final thread of what is left of how we are as Americans. For three weeks you have stood in the cold, slept on the floor, skipped out of town to Illinois—whatever it took, you’ve done it. And one thing is certain: Madison is only the beginning!

Powerful stuff. Pass it on.

Feature photo by Flickr user Bill Littman.