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What MoveOn members are looking for in tonight’s debate

MoveOn members submitted nearly 10,000 questions they want to hear the candidates answer in tonight’s Democratic primary debate. Take a look at the most common issues MoveOn members raised:


Here are just a few of the questions MoveOn members raised:

If elected president, what changes will you enact to lessen the burden of student debt for both current students and former students who are struggling to stay above water? – Estela S., McFarland, CA

How would you preserve, protect, and expand Social Security? – Francee L., Columbia, SC

As the primary heats up, so does the climate. What efforts would you make to keep fossil fuels in the ground? – Jennifer P., Issaquah, WA

I would like to know in very specific terms, what are three changes you would make either through legislation or through executive order to make a direct impact on gun violence in this country? – Andrea T., Sugar Hill, GA

The Black Lives Matter Movement has demanded an end to structural racism in policing and all aspects of society and the economy.  What specific policies would you enact to address structural racism? – Gerald L., Berkeley, CA

And check out the news coverage summing up what “Warren wing” progressives—including MoveOn’s 8 million members—are looking for from the candidates in tonight’s debate!

Washington Post: “Liberal ‘Warren wing’ groups urge Democratic candidates to push economic populism at debate”

Vox: “The ‘Warren wing’ agenda: debt-free college, going after ‘banksters,’ more Social Security, and racial justice”

Washington Examiner: “Under pressure from MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, the three leading Democrats and two others — former Sens. Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee — are being pushed to address issues Warren has raised including college debt, the Black Lives Matter movement, Wall Street greed and expanded Social Security.”

USA Today: “’Warren wing’ pushes economic populism issues for Democratic debate”

New York Times: “Liberal Groups Press Candidates to Take Up Populist Agenda”

Tune in to Huffington Post’s live coverage of the debate, featuring MoveOn’s Washington Director Ben Wikler, from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. ET: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/democratic-debate-coverage_5619015ae4b0dbb8000ec47f?7gxbhuxr