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Meet the Run Warren Run Social Media Manager


When it comes to the person most likely to put a smile on my face, that person is definitely Jayne Fagan. Jayne and I often work closely together on digital projects, and she is as good as they get. With color-coded spreadsheets and a seemingly endless supply of Amy Poehler gifs, she makes the sometimes arduous task of running some of the most active political social media presences on the Web seem like a piece of cake.

Jayne plays an integral role in getting our #RunWarrenRun message out to the world, and so I thought you should meet the woman behind the social media curtain. I sat down with Jayne as part of the “Meet the Team” series on the Run Warren Run blog. Check out what she had to say below.

P.S. One of my favorite Jayne quotes is, “Don’t let anyone steal your sparkle.” She never lets anyone steal hers!


1. What’s your favorite thing about Senator Warren?

I love that she stands up for her beliefs and she stands up for others. She’s not afraid to take on Wall Street or the status quo; I really dig that. She’s eloquent and from Massachusetts. GO, RED SOX! 

 2. What do you do on the team?

I curate or create content for our #RunWarrenRun Facebook and Twitter pages. I work with other creative folks in spreading the #RunWarrenRun message far and wide. I often bring a hint of wit and whimsy in the form of Amy Poehler gifs. 

 3. Describe Senator Warren in three words.

Honest. Fierce. Integrity. 

 4. What issue facing our country is most important to you, personally?

Choice. Making sure Roe vs. Wade isn’t a fight my daughters are battling in their 20s. Corporations are not people — I can’t even wrap my head around Big Money tossing huge sums of cash at our elected officials. 

5.  What is something that everyone should know about you?

I played on an all-boys soccer team in high school. I thought I caught a glimpse of the team when I was signing up and figured I could keep up. Turns out I saw the JV team, and the varsity team all looked like grown adults. The first practice, my 13-year-old self was terrified. I never walked away, I didn’t back down, and we now have a girls team at my alma mater. You’re welcome, Foxcroft Academy. 

To follow more #RunWarrenRun Action From Jayne, Find Her On Facebook and Twitter.