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Massive Door-to-Door Campaign Against Trump’s Hate-Filled Agenda Kicks Off in Ohio Ahead of RNC

Thousands of voters will pledge nationwide to vote against Trump; Effort will reach thousands of Ohioans and voters in 16 states this week.

CLEVELAND – As Republicans prepare to nominate Donald Trump as their candidate for president, thousands of volunteers will embark on door-to-door canvasses in Ohio and 16 other states across the country this weekend asking voters to pledge to vote against hate and against Trump.

Hundreds of Ohioans are set to knock on thousands of doors beginning Saturday and continuing through the Republican National Convention as part of Ohio Against Hate, a local organizing effort coordinated by Ohio’s Good Jobs Strong Communities and MoveOn.org Political Action’s national United Against Hate effort to speak out and stand against Trump’s racist, hateful rhetoric and policies.

The door-to-door campaign will reach out to Ohioans from dozens of canvass locations, including in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Youngstown, Toledo, and Akron, among others.

In collaboration with the Ohio Against Hate campaign, progressive organizations in 16 states and dozens of major cities are talking to voters on doorsteps this week as part of People’s Action’s National Doorstep Convention and similar efforts by the Center for Community Change Action.

“The National Doorstep Convention and Ohio Against Hate represent a historic push to expand the political revolution,” said MoveOn.org Campaign Director Victoria Kaplan. “Together we will combat the hatred and divisive politics of Trump, build multiracial support for economic and racial justice, and deepen grassroots democracy over corporate power.”

*** Interested in a local canvass? Email press@moveon.org. ***
*** See a copy of the pledge card Ohio voters will sign: http://bit.ly/29KwCLC ***

The National Doorstep Convention door-to-door canvassing will also take place in: Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

“Ohioans reject Trump’s agenda, his hateful rhetoric and his effort to divide and malign what our country represents,” said Jerry Pena, Ohio Against Hate coordinator. “After the tremendous suffering Americans have endured in the past week and so many of the other challenges facing our country, we need someone whose leadership will heal and unite us, not a man like Trump who will wound and divide us. That’s the message we’ll be delivering this weekend to thousand of voters.”

The effort is bringing together local advocacy groups, progressive organizations, and leading voices.

“I joined the effort because I know Ohioans reject being divided by race, class, or religion,” said former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner. “On the eve of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, I am joining hundreds of volunteers to spread a message of hope and diversity, as opposed to the dark and cynical agenda Donald Trump is peddling.”

The nationwide canvassing effort builds on a growing coalition of progressive groups organizing major voter contact efforts to defeat Trump.

“Donald Trump’s candidacy is a threat to the America we love, and we must respond to him and what he is stoking as such—with a nonviolent movement grounded in love and community that ensures that he never comes anywhere near the White House, and perhaps even more importantly, makes clear to every other politician and every person in the United States that racist demagoguery is a dead-end political strategy that most Americans reject,” wrote progressive leaders in a five-alarm fire letter earlier this year.

Ohio Against Hate is a project of Ohio’s Good Jobs Strong Communities and MoveOn.org Political Action that is uniting Ohioans to stand up to hate, bigotry, and division in our communities and at the voting booth.

MoveOn.org Political Action is running a multimillion-dollar United Against Hate campaign to keep the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, out of the White House and to ensure the country rejects his hateful and dangerous rhetoric.

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