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Mark Ruffalo asks MoveOn members to imagine …

Listen to the phone call Mark Ruffalo made to MoveOn members today:

Mark Ruffalo loves Supervoters

Dear MoveOn member,

This is Mark Ruffalo. I’m an actor, a director, a dad, and a husband—and I love all of these roles.

But what got me out of bed this crisp fall morning, about 96 hours before Election Day, was a beautiful dream of our nation, a dream that’s within our reach—especially if women Supervoters get to the polls.1

Please do me a favor: Take a deep breath and imagine with me.

Imagine our children growing up in a nation where their drinking water is safe. It isn’t safe now—not for millions of kids.

Imagine our daughters growing into powerful women, getting equal pay for equal work and never worrying that they’ll lose the ability to determine what happens to their own bodies.

Imagine a future for our children with clean air, renewable energy, and abundant resources around the globe—and imagine your actions today making that future possible.

The first step to making our dreams a reality is saving the U.S. Senate from a Republican takeover this Election Day. Because if Republicans control the Senate, even for just two years, none of what you and I imagine will be possible. None of it.

That’s why I have a favor to ask: Can you help create a better future for our children by helping MoveOn get women out to vote to save the Senate?

I’m with you, Mark. I’m signing up.

I’m basically a hopeful guy, but I’m also a big-time impatient pragmatist. I don’t waste my time with lost causes. And I wouldn’t ask you to sign up for one, two—even three—call shifts if I didn’t think we could still pull out a win on November 4.2

In key races where MoveOn has dug in, Democratic candidates are holding their own. This tells me that MoveOn’s effective person-to-person get-out-the-vote calls are working.

We just need to ramp them up, and this means we need you.

Yes. We need you. Now. It’s the sprint to the finish, and to win, we need a burst of energy. Your energy. Will you sign up now?

Yes! I’m in.

You know, I’m not just against Republicans. That’s way too easy.

I’m for a United States of America that works for everyone.

That means I need a Congress with the guts to kick out big corporate lobbyists.

And I need a straight-up pro-women Congress.

And I need a Congress with the courage to look at irrefutable climate data and listen to scientists tell us what we have to do to prevent the environmental perils we face. Enough of climate denier madness.

Take a stand with me today. Last week, MoveOn members called 435,000 women voters to get them to the polls. This week, we’ll do it again, and throw a few men Supervoters into the mix for good measure. We have 1.3 million calls to make to progressives who may not vote unless they get a call from you.Because here’s the thing: Victory could come down to just a few thousand voters in a few toss-up states. When women vote (men, too!), amazing things can happen—like the underdogs pulling off a win despite running up against a flood of right-wing billionaire and corporate campaign cash.

If we lose, if we wake up on November 5 to a Republican-led Congress, we’ll have at least two years of outrageous shutdowns, lawsuits, and ridiculous partisan antics—none of which will allow for meaningful progress on the life-and-death issues our nation faces.

I just cannot play defense in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election. Our nation’s future depends on us playing offense. 

Wake up, my friends, you’re in the game with me. Starting now.

Please. Sign up. Today. Sign up for a win on November 4.

Humbly and respectfully,

–Mark Ruffalo


1. “In Search of Female Voters,” U.S. News & World Report, October 20, 2014

2. “FiveThirtyEight’s Senate Forecast,” FiveThirtyEight, October 28, 2014