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Latino Leaders Arturo Carmona and Erika Andiola Call for a Contested Primary

Exciting news: Two well-known and respected leaders in the immigration reform community have signed a letter calling for a contested Democratic primary in 2016.

Arturo Carmona, the executive director of Presente Action, and Erika Andiola, the co-director of the Dream Action Coalition, signed the letter which highlights the need for a strong, contested presidential primary to tackle the most urgent issues in our country, from economic issues to health care to immigration. They wrote:

“As the 2016 presidential campaign begins, it is time for Democrats to be bold, to stand for something, to propose innovative, inspiring solutions to our nation’s toughest challenges, and to stand strong for core American values.”

Carmona and Andiola join a growing chorus calling for a contested primary, from Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) to activist and commentator Van Jones.

Click here to read Buzzfeed’s coverage of Erika and Arturo’s letter, or read the full version below.