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MoveOn to Koch Industries: We are here. We exist. And our democracy is not for sale!

In September, secret recordings surfaced of the Koch brothers’ top lawyer, Mark Holden being “unable to believe that a bottom-up group like MoveOn could raise as much money as it does,” according to The Huffington Post. So we made a greeting card—a big one, 4 feet high and 3 feet wide—to remind the Kochs that we do exist, and 45,000 MoveOn members from across the country signed the card, which reads “We are here. We exist. And our democracy is not for sale.”

With just days until the 2014 midterm elections, Lori L., Jan S., and other MoveOn members in Wichita, KS–home of Koch Industries–delivered the giant card to Koch HQ. Holden wasn’t available, but Koch Industries Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Steve Lombardo–a former communications director for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign who’s also worked to improve the image of the tobacco industry–met Jan and Lori in the Koch HQ lobby and accepted the card. We’ve got one message for the Kochs: our democracy is not for sale!

 Deliverying Greeting Card to Koch HQKoch Card Delivered