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Joint Statement on Trump’s Response to New York City Tragedy

Statement from ACLU, CREDO, MoveOn.org, and Win Without War in response to the tragedy in New York City and Donald Trump’s response: 

“Last night, eight innocent people were killed and more were wounded in an act of senseless violence. Our organizations, representing more than ten million people coast to coast, mourn with New York and the nation. We join hands with groups and organizations on the ground in New York City which are standing together in beautiful solidarity. At the same time, we reject Donald Trump’s divisive and incendiary reaction and his knee-jerk rush toward unnecessary and extreme measures which do not make us safer.

“Today, we ask that members of Congress stand with the people of New York by fighting back against Trump’s already-apparent attempts to destroy the civil liberties that our nation and laws are built upon.

“In the 24 hours following the violent attack, Donald Trump has done nothing but exploit this crisis by threatening the rights of Muslims and immigrants. He threatened to terminate the diversity lottery program, on which more than 50,000 people rely annually to immigrate to the United States; called for another round of so-called ‘extreme vetting’ measures; proposed to send the suspect to Guantanamo Bay, which is an enduring shameful stain on our nation; and consciously incited fear, Islamophobia, and division through his incendiary statements.

“The Trump administration has failed to provide any preventative measures or solutions to the tragedy in New York or any other mass acts of violence. It is disturbingly ironic that an administration that insisted it was wrong to ‘politicize’ the recent tragedy in Las Vegas has eagerly worked to politicize this tragedy in New York with racist scapegoating, rather than evidence-based solutions.

“We cannot let Trump divide us. America has always been strongest when we stand up for our ideals and band together. Those who would have Americans turn against one another in a moment of crisis—or abandon our principles of free speech, free assembly, and freedom of religion for personal political gain—make a mockery of our nation’s greatest strength and must be resisted.”