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Join The Resistance

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

There is so much to do in the months and years ahead to build a movement that’s powerful enough to resist Trump’s disastrous agenda, preserve our constitution and civil liberties, stem attacks on vulnerable communities, and reclaim power. The tasks ahead of us may seem overwhelming … even insurmountable. But by consistently taking one bold action of resistance after another—and never letting up—we can win.

We’ll need to demonstrate, object, speak truth to power, join with others, make a ruckus, demand justice, and never stop peacefully fighting and resisting Trump’s and the Republican’s agenda.

Which is why I’m writing you with one important, simple request:

Will you join MoveOn’s peaceful resistance to Trump by signing up as a monthly donor today?

Click here to sign up. $5 a month—or whatever you can afford—will go a long way.

To help make the resistance possible, progressives like you and me will need to step up and personally help build bigger and better infrastructure—to take on what will be the biggest political threat our nation has faced in our lifetimes.

The good news is, it’s possible. Because what really matters isn’t how much we each give, but how many of us give.

Here’s what I mean: If every one of the millions of MoveOn members chipped in just $10 a month, MoveOn’s budget would be about twice as big as the National Rifle Association’s! (Just think of how much political power they have.) I think it’s possible for MoveOn to have a budget like that. After all, there are many of us—and it’s necessary, given what our country now faces.

Click here to chip in $5 a month and help grow MoveOn’s peaceful resistance.

Organizing and funding a movement for sanity and decency in America is a collective-action problem: The reactionary conservative movement has more organized money—corporations, as well as millionaires and billionaires. Our movement has more people, but we aren’t as organized. We can match their resources, but only if a critical mass of us commit to it. MoveOn is part of the solution to the problem.

MoveOn’s independence depends on being primarily funded by individual members pitching in a few dollars at a time. By becoming a MoveOn monthly donor, you will own a piece of MoveOn’s peaceful resistance. MoveOn is accountable only to its members, and it will support and empower us as we work together to resist Donald Trump and his agenda. Seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Will you become a MoveOn monthly donor right now?

Just click this link. $5 a month—or whatever you can do—is great. 

There is so much work to do. With your help, MoveOn will:

  • Take on fake news and propaganda. Donald Trump’s campaign won, in part, by spewing a torrent of lies and outrageous exaggerations across social media. That’s why, with the support of MoveOn members like you, MoveOn’s Video Lab will scale up like never before and bust through Trump’s propaganda with breakthrough videos that will expose Trump as an illegitimate fraud (helping prevent him from claiming he has an overwhelming mandate) and his policies as great for corporations and billionaires but terrible for average Americans.
  • Ensure that progressive Americans remain awake, resolute, and on the move. In the face of Trump’s parade of horribles, it would be easy (and understandable) for people to get numb, hunker down, and pray that they’ll make it through the next four years. But history has taught us of the perils of complacency and fear in response to political extremism and violence.
  • Rise to the unprecedented challenge we’re facing. MoveOn’s staff team will expand to tackle an unprecedented number of critical campaigns at the same time—from helping lead a staunch opposition to Trump’s cabinet picks, to ensuring Republicans can’t shred Americans’ health care, to empowering MoveOn members to take local action and win progressive victories, while standing in defense of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Will you chip in $5 a month to MoveOn and help make it all possible? Click here to sign up right now.

By giving monthly to MoveOn, you will do your part to sustain the progressive movement in America and build the political resistance in the Trump era.

If money is tight, then give just a little bit each month—even as little as the price of a cup of coffee. If you are able to afford to give more than that, then please give what you can.

The important thing is that you give, and give consistently—so that MoveOn can grow in 2017 to address the enormous challenges ahead.

Click here to become a MoveOn monthly donor right now.

Or, if you can’t become a monthly donor, then click here instead.

Thanks for all you do.

–Robert Reich