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It’s halftime and we’re just getting started

Just over two months ago, MoveOn members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Bernie Sanders for President. Since then this revolutionary campaign has accomplished more than anyone predicted—as The New York Times just reported yesterday, Bernie has a real pathway to victory, a sign of the momentum that has catapulted a long-shot candidate into a serious contender.

After this past Tuesday, just over half of the states have voted. Here’s what MoveOn members have done so far to help power this incredible campaign:

  • More than 78,000 members have donated a total of more than $1,000,000 to the Bernie Sanders campaign through MoveOn.
  • Thousands of MoveOn members have volunteered as event hosts, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and reached millions of friends over social media with MoveOn for Bernie content.
  • MoveOn produced a series of original videos that have been seen by millions. Robert Reich’s “Six Responses to Bernie Skeptics” has over 12 million views alone, and episodes of the “O’Keefe Brief” told the story of young voters “feeling the Bern.”
  • Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members signed petitions calling on the Democratic Party superdelegates to respect the will of the voters. And The New York Times editorial board agreed.
  • We’ve lifted up the voices of MoveOn members and movement leaders who have endorsed Bernie: Ben Jealous, Keith Ellison, Erica Garner, Raul Grijalva, Susan Sarandon, and many others.
  • We’ve sent over 300 different email messages to members—including messages tailored to MoveOn members in each and every state that has voted so far.
  • Over 300 media outlets have talked about MoveOn’s endorsement of Bernie—including The New York TimesThe Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS.

And we’re just getting started! While some want to prematurely declare this campaign over, the math shows that Bernie still has a path to victory. MoveOn members are ready to keep fighting for every vote until the nomination is decided.

It's halftime of the Democratic primary
As Bernie Sanders continues to win more and more states through June, his campaign will keep defining the race and proving that running as an unapologetic progressive is the way to win.

Look at some of what he’s accomplished in the 10 weeks since MoveOn endorsed his campaign and the primary season began in earnest:

  • In January, Bernie was down by 50% in some national polls, and now he’s neck-and-neck.
  • Bernie has exceeded polls and expectations across the board, pulling to virtual ties in states he was presumed to lose (Iowa), winning by landslides greater than projected (New Hampshire), and pulling off surprise victories that nobody predicted the day before (Michigan).
  • Bernie has notched record-setting fundraising months with the most individual donors in any presidential primary ever, and the movement is still growing.

And he’s doing this because of all of us—the millions of Americans who have stood up to be counted, dug deep to donate, knocked on doors to connect with neighbors, and picked up the phone to be heard by fellow voters.

The contested primary is engaging millions of new voters and activists, making whoever is the eventual Democratic nominee better prepared to defeat Donald Trump and the Republicans in November.

So while the corporate media will continue to dismiss Bernie and this movement, we’ll continue talking to voters in every state about Bernie’s message, and continue building this political revolution.

Sign up to volunteer for Bernie today by searching volunteer events and offices here.