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Iowa results a huge win for Bernie

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, had the following response to the results of the Democratic caucuses in Iowa:

“It is incredible that Bernie Sanders came from so far behind in just a few short months, closing a massive gap to end up in a virtual tie in the Iowa Caucus tonight. These results are a huge win for the Sanders campaign as well as the broader progressive movement to which Bernie is giving voice.

“The Sanders campaign leaves Iowa with the wind at its back and substantial momentum heading into New Hampshire. Bernie’s message that it’s time to change a system rigged in favor of giant corporations and the wealthiest few is resonating powerfully with people across America and across the political spectrum.

“Last month, MoveOn members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Bernie Sanders because they trust him to stand up against a rigged system, demand justice for communities facing oppression, and say no to endless war. In the past few weeks, we have mobilized to turn out the 43,000 MoveOn members in Iowa. The Sanders campaign has every reason to be proud of what it accomplished here, and optimistic about New Hampshire and beyond.

“In just eight days, the voters of New Hampshire will have an opportunity to weigh in on the future of our country. We’re looking forward to primary night and mobilizing our 30,000 MoveOn members in New Hampshire to help Bernie win.”