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ICYMI: Lawrence Lessig Endorses Elizabeth Warren to a Packed House

Last week, I had the pleasure of being one of the more than 200 attendees of the “Lessig for Warren” event at Civic Hall in NYC. The evening was a powerful one which included progressive champions Zephyr Teachout and Van Jones and which featured Harvard Professor and MayDay PAC co-founder Lawrence Lessig.

Lessig joins hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country that have already voiced their support for an Elizabeth Warren presidential candidacy. As the speakers made clear last week, it’s imperative that we get progressive ideals that Elizabeth Warren champions in the Senate in the national conversation in a way that we know only she can.

The night was a huge success, so be sure to read on for a look back at the full event.

Check out Lawrence Lessig’s full speech here:

The system is rigged … In a poll we ran last year we found 96% of Americans believe it’s important to reduce the influence of money in politics. The very next question we asked was how likely do you think [that] is … 91% did not believe it likely. This is not apathy, this is not no one cares–this is the politics of resignation. It’s the reason, I think, to be for Warren.

It’s about who could pierce the veil of cynicism. This is Warren’s advantage. Even her enemies believe her … [She’s a] powerful person standing up as a voice against the powerful. Because in a constant series of choices that have defined her career she has pushed for right against the rich. She has the confidence of her convictions enough to look power straight in the eyes and say no. If anyone could convince us, it is she…

What we urgently need now is a debate and a fight and a movement that addresses that inequality. And what that movement needs is a leader, and her name is Elizabeth.

Audience members tweeted hundreds of live-tweets, using the hashtag #Lessig4Warren. Check some of them out below:

P.S. Don’t miss this inspiring speech from my friend Van Jones who told the story of the first time he heard Elizabeth Warren speak. 

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