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MoveOn: House Could Pass Trojan Horse Bill Without Conference Committee

Statement of MoveOn.org Washington Director Ben Wikler:

“The Senate today is poised to consider health care repeal legislation that will take away care from 16 million people, raise premiums by 20 percent or more, destabilize the insurance markets and our economy, and de-fund Planned Parenthood.

“Many in the media and elsewhere are mistakenly treating this bill as a procedural vote — an effort to simply to advance the process to a conference committee, in which the substance is irrelevant. In truth, if this bill passes the Senate, the House could simply pass the same bill. Senators who vote for this repeal legislation are endorsing its consequences, and will be held responsible.

“Of course, if the bill does end up in a conference committee, it is likely to get even worse, with the addition of massive Medicaid cuts. But that’s a big if, as the House may bypass that process altogether.

“A vote on a Trojan Horse bill is not a process vote. It cannot be viewed as another procedural prelude in a flurry of rhetorical grandstanding. The substance of the bill matters. Today’s vote must be called what it is — an effort to strip care from millions and make health care worse for everyone, and a bill that could easily become law without alteration. MoveOn members are committed to holding every senator who votes for a such a bill accountable at the ballot box, regardless of whether the bill fails in the Senate, advances to conference committee, or — as is entirely possible if it passes the Senate — is rubber stamped by the House and sent to the president’s desk.”