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Thankful for Obamacare: Dinner Conversation Kit


5 types of stories to share


Sometimes it can be hard to think of real examples and stories of how the ACA is helping people, especially on the spur of the moment with a family member. Here are 5 types of stories you can share with your family. And you can find hundreds of personal stories submitted by MoveOn members here.

5 Reasons We're Thankful for Obamacare

The stories we share with family and friends are the same stories we need to be sharing with our neighbors, members of Congress, and the media. Mainstream media is not telling all the stories about the ACA—instead, they’re highlighting a handful of bad experiences. This is our chance to give them good stories, from families that are thankful for the Affordable Care Act.

Any MoveOn member with a smartphone can “live Tweet” a Thanksgiving dinner conversation by sending tweets in real time describing what is happening and how family members react to learning about the benefits of the ACA. Include the hashtag #ThanksACA in each of your tweets so other MoveOn members can follow along. And feel free to tweet out photos as well!

Story of now



In 2009 and 2010, MoveOn members fought fiercely for high-quality, affordable health care for every American. Together we organized rallies, vigils, house parties, town halls, and many other actions to show our support for health care reform—and we won! Not only did the Affordable Care Act pass, but the Supreme Court upheld it.

Since the ACA passed, we have heard countless stories of people receiving better coverage for less, no longer being denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions, and receiving some kind of rebate from their insurance companies. But none of that seems to matter to the press, which is obsessed with covering the bungled website rollout and insurance companies dropping people from junk policies—instead of the millions of Americans who have directly benefited from the ACA.

MoveOn members have many stories of the ACA benefiting them and their families, but there is almost no media relaying that message. That’s why on Thanksgiving, with our families together, we’ll encourage folks to share during dinner how their family has benefitted from the ACA. Then, through social media and online organizing, we can put pressure on the mainstream media to share the good stories, and keep moving forward.

Share a quick video



If you have time, without interrupting dinner of course, try capturing 15-second videos of family members answering one of the questions below. If members share enough videos, we can use them to create an awesome composite video of MoveOn members and family that will reflect the stories of millions of Americans already benefitting from the ACA. Check out these tips in the sidebar on recording an easy smart phone video.

Here are three questions to prompt discussion:

  • Who is one person you know that will benefit or has benefitted from the Affordable Care Act?

  • Why should people sign up for the ACA?

  • Why are you thankful for the Affordable Care Act?

Try to keep the answers you video to 15 seconds. There are a lot of great stories, and if you can capture each one in just 15 seconds, we’ll add your story or stories to the others we gather. Once you have your 15-second video(s), post it/them on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #ThanksACA.