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GOP’s Sally Kern Is Called Out On Her Racist, Sexist Comments

Oklahoma’s House decided to not let Sally Kern’s bigoted remarks about African-Americans and women slide, and took a vote to officially rebuke her.

First, her racism toward “the blacks”:

When it became clear the public was not laughing, Kern actually apologized for her racist comments. The Oklahoma NAACP still insists that she resign.

But that’s not all. Next, Kern unloads a few of her thoughts on why women make less money than their male counterparts:

Thank you, Rep. Kern. And may we ask how much you make?

This is not the first time Kern has openly stated such bigoted remarks. Three years ago, she said the following about homosexuality: “I honestly think it’s the biggest threat that our nation has, even more than terrorism or Islam.” Then she compared homosexuality to toe cancer. And she wasn’t rebuked for those statements. Listen to the speech here:

Not laughing? We didn’t find her material very funny, either.  Stand up to racist, sexist and homophobic Republicans like Kern. Raise awareness by sharing this with your friends on Facebook today.

Submitted by volunteer editor Laura S. Found on ThinkProgress and Victory Fund.