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What they’re trying to get away with in their quest to take over the Senate

The GOP is banking on a plan to mislead women and other voters in the closest Senate races in the country—election-year politics at its worst. It’s really dangerous, because if they’re elected, they want to turn back the clock on women’s access to health care.

We won’t be fooled. Can you help expose these dangerous lies by sharing this graphic (which we made with our friends at the awesome equality organization UltraViolet) with everyone you know?

These GOP candidates are trying to fool women and other voters. We won't let them.

Tweet using hashtags #GOPCantFoolMe and #WomenVote

In addition to sharing the graphic–if you’re outraged by the GOP’s plan to mislead women and other voters–will you sign up to call voters  to make sure they know the truth and get out and vote this year? Click here to sign up to call voters in the key states that will decide if the GOP will be put in charge of decisions that affect women’s health.