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George Santos Must Resign Petition Delivery

Last week, MoveOn members and constituents of George Santos made huge waves by hosting the “largest rally against Santos yet,” delivering more than 100,000 petition signatures calling for his resignation directly to his district office. With television coverage by ABC, NBC, CBS, WPIX, and many others (even Fox!), this people-powered action put MoveOn members front and center in a huge national story while creating real pressure on this lying, corrupt MAGA Republican. 

Take a look at some of the images from this event!

If you’ve not signed the petition yet, add your name today to continue the push for George Santos’s removal. And if you have, share this with three friends to keep this momentum going!

Reporters called our rally the largest rally against Santos yet, demonstrating mounting pressure for him to resign. MoveOn member and NY-03 constituent Charlie Robbins spoke to reporters, saying, “There is no question in my mind that Mr. Santos is not fit to represent the people of Congressional District 3. We have no idea what he stands for except himself and his power and greed. That is why I joined over 100,000 people in signing this petition calling on Mr. Santos to resign.” He handed the petition directly to a staffer for Santos’s office.

It’s clear that Representative Santos shouldn’t be in Congress. Even 78% of his own constituents want him to resign. But at this point, GOP leaders and other MAGA accomplices are fine to keep him in Congress as long as he votes how McCarthy wants him to. That’s why we must sustain our pressure.  

And our pressure is working. George Santos temporarily recused himself from two House committee positions. This is a step in the right direction. More Republicans are even distancing themselves from him. While he may think this will all blow over eventually, we need to continue to expose his lies and be in solidarity with MoveOn members in NY-03 and fight until he is gone. 

Allowing George Santos, who has fabricated almost every aspect of his life, to serve in the House is another outrageous illustration of just how far the GOP is willing to go to hoard power and advance their MAGA agenda to take away our freedoms and degrade our democratic institutions. Santos has lost the trust of his district, and his continued service in Congress is a threat to all of us.