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Gay Activists Glitter-Bomb Newt, Bachmann, And Pawlenty

Three GOP candidates. Three containers filled with glitter and confetti. Three gay rights activists. One big glittering spectacle.

A note before you watch these three dazzling videos: MoveOn does not in any way condone the use of violence. But we do not believe that these “glittering” acts are meant to be physically harmful. They are a lighthearted way to draw attention to a very serious issue: the hateful anti-gay rhetoric of GOP presidential candidates who want to destroy the middle class, strip women and LGBTQ folks of any rights, and send our country into complete economic collapse.

Gay rights activist Nick Espinosa douses Newt Gingrich in glitter. Watch this precious moment:

Pawlenty was just signing his ironically titled book, ‘Courage To Stand,’ when a CodePink activist decided to step up and ask him a question:

A gay rights activist with the California-based group GetEqual stepped into a RightOnline conference with a message for Michele Bachmann:

By the way, the phrase she’s shouting directly references the right-wing ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide which is run by the ultra-ring-wing, anti-gay, anti-Islam activist Bradlee Dean and funded in part by Bachmann herself.

So to all the GOP candidates spreading hateful, anti-gay messages, we say: Could you please go get glittered already? June is Gay Pride month. Barack Obama agrees.

And if GOPers can’t feel the rainbow, at least you still can.

Happy Pride month!

Found on Huffington Post, Gothamist, and Talking Points Memo. Originally submitted by Emi K. and Alicia E.