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MoveOn launches mobile billboard, microsite pushing Gov. Snyder to fix lead pipes in Flint

This weekend, ahead of the Democratic Debate in Flint, MoveOn.org Civic Action is launching a new microsite and mobile billboard campaign designed to keep attention on Governor Snyder’s continued failure to address the Flint’s water crisis and to pressure him to take action.  MoveOn is sharing this digital counter through allies and popular websites, nationally and in Michigan, and bringing the counter directly to Flint, Lansing, and across Michigan in the form of a mobile billboard.

Artwork for the mobile billboard (click on image to enlarge and download):


On Saturday, March 5, MoveOn.org Civic Action is launching a new national digital microsite, www.newpipesforflint.org, which counts the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds that Flint’s water has been poisoned by the disastrous decisions of Governor Rick Snyder’s administration.  The digital counter reads,“Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is moving forward with a $55 million plan to replace Flint’s lead pipes immediately. It’s up to you, Governor Snyder, to secure all the necessary funds. Now.”  

On Sunday, March 6, and running all week, MoveOn has also commissioned the mobile billboard to tour the state stopping in Flint, Detroit and Ann Arbor, where Governor Snyder owns a home.  On Sunday, the mobile billboard will be stationed outside the Governor’s office in Lansing as the first stop on its tour before heading to Flint to be present at the Democratic debate, which is shining a national spotlight on this politically manufactured crisis.

sharable graphic that will be used to promote the microsite follows: