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It’s Election Day!

Today, the direction of our country is in your hands. Today is our chance to defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton, help win back the Senate, and do everything we can to turn this into a wave election for progressive candidates, so that we relegate Trump’s racist, sexist, xenophobic, and hateful campaign to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

Lots of people will be voting, and the outcome is likely to be close. Please make a plan to vote and help get your friends, family, and neighbors to the polls.

Find your polling place, what’s on your ballot, and more

How to protect your vote

Chances are, you won’t have any problems voting, but just in case you do, it’s helpful to be prepared.

If your state has voter rolls and you’re not listed, the first thing to do is talk to the poll workers to make sure you’re in the right polling place. After you confirm that you are, you should ask for a provisional ballot. Remember, your vote is your voice, and if you are an eligible, registered voter, you have the right to vote, whether or not a poll worker finds your name on the list or a political operative challenges your eligibility at the poll.

And, if you witness any form of voter intimidation outside your polling place, we recommend that you first and foremost stay safe. Do not engage and proceed inside to vote and notify poll worker.

Call the 1­-866­-OUR-VOTE toll-­free hotline to report any problems you may encounter.

Share your vote

Snap a selfie outside your local polling location with a voting sign and post it on your social networks with a status like this: “This is what democracy looks like! #VoteAgainstHateNov8”

And, if you already voted, thank you for making your voice heard. Now, let the world know you voted against hate by creating your #VoteAgainstHateNov8 profile badge!