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Chip in to stand with Walmart workers this Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, the largest shopping day of the year—and Walmart workers have launched a massive strike to demand better wages and reasonable pay.

This. Is. Huge.

For years, Walmart has paid wages so low that employees are forced to survive on food stamps. The company has also been incredibly anti-union. Many of the workers who participate in the walkout will lose wages. Some may get fired.

So to help make sure they have the resources to win, we’re aiming to raise $100,000 by the end of today. 

We’ll contribute some of the money to the Walmart workers’ strike fund to make sure people who take part in the strike can still put food on the table for their families. We’ll use the rest for organizing for workers’ rights and social justice around the country. Can you chip in $3?

Yes, I’ll chip in to stand with Walmart workers this Black Friday.

Let’s face it. There’s only one reason Walmart pays such low wages: Greed.

Walmart makes $16 billion a year in profits, and the Walton family is worth more than $150 billion, making them the richest family in America. And yet Walmart pays the majority of their associates less than $25,000 a year.

There’s another reason why this fight is so important. Walmart is the largest private employer in the world, and any concessions it makes will have a massive ripple effect across the economy.

So here’s the plan: First, MoveOn has been using our huge online membership to help recruit people for the Walmart protests today, and elevating their stories through petitions.

And we’ll make a donation to the Walmart strike fund to make sure these workers don’t have to go hungry just because they stood up for their rights.

Will you chip in $3?

Yes, I’ll chip in to stand with Walmart workers this Black Friday.