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Check Out MoveOn’s New Election Store!

Support MoveOn’s United Against Hate campaign and get these stickers, T-shirts and more right now!

MoveOn Store

Click on the image to explore great stickers, shirts and more in our election store

Talented designers have created these cool, powerful designs for our store—just one part of a much larger campaign. We’re hiring field teams to coordinate a big volunteer effort knocking on doors in eight key states that could decide the presidential election and control of the Senate. We’re producing rapid response videos that are getting seen tens of millions of times and are influencing the media narrative around Trump’s bigotry and the culpability of Republicans who support him. Every T-shirt or sticker helps support this work—as you help spread the message that we all stand United Against Hate.

These new store items will go fast. Get yours today! You can also send items to family and friends across the country—say it loud: We all reject the hatred and bigotry that Trump represents!