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Celebrities to Elizabeth Warren: Please run for president


What would you do if you got a letter from 90-some well-known artists–actors, directors, musicians, and other members of the creative community–asking you to run for president? That’s a question you can ask Senator Elizabeth Warren; she just received an open letter from the members of “Artists for Warren,” a growing group of artists and creatives urging the senator to run for president in 2016.

These artists are certainly not the first to make this ask of Elizabeth Warren. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the country have also joined the RunWarrenRun movement, passionately urging Elizabeth Warren to run for president.

The open letter from the artists reads: “We need someone who can inspire a nation to work together each day to make our country the best possible place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Elizabeth Warren is that person–and this is a moment made for her. These artists are ready to put their talents, followings, and support behind an Elizabeth Warren presidential run, and they’re joining the Run Warren Run effort to show her that. Check out their letter below, and be sure to share with your friends that some of their favorite artists just joined our effort.

We can’t do this with out you! Click here to get involved, then check out the full Artists for Warren open letter:

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