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MoveOn.org Celebrates Sanders, Congratulates Clinton, and Calls for Democrats to Embrace Sanders’ Agenda at Convention to Defeat Trump

“We’re ready to defeat Donald Trump and those who support and enable his hateful and toxic agenda.”

With the voting completed in the final Democratic Primary in Washington, D.C., MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman released this statement:

“MoveOn members congratulate Secretary Hillary Clinton on her glass-ceiling-shattering campaign and being the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

“MoveOn members thank and celebrate Senator Bernie Sanders for his inspiring, issue-driven campaign that’s elevated a powerful progressive agenda, electrified the country and brought millions of new voters into the political process. It’s clear that the vision and movement at the heart of Sanders political revolution are not only future of the Democratic Party, but the here and now.

“At the upcoming Democratic Convention, the Democratic Party needs to embrace a bold progressive platform that will, amongst other priorities, tackle economic inequality, pursue diplomacy over war, fight to get big money out of politics, confront climate change, confront sexism, structural racism and misogyny, and address the need for immigration reform.

“And the party needs to pass reforms to the nominating process to actively embrace millions of voters brought in by the Sanders campaign.

“The best way to defeat Donald Trump and those who support and enable his toxic and hateful campaign is for the Democratic party to welcome Bernie Sanders’ supporters and unite behind a bold progressive agenda for the future.

“We’re ready to defeat Donald Trump and those who support and enable his hateful and toxic agenda.”

For more information read this piece on Medium by MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman: https://medium.com/@MoveOn.org/the-political-revolution-bernie-sparked-is-just-beginning-b5b55b4b5bc7

In this election:

  • In December 2014, MoveOn launched the Run Warren Run campaign to urge Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president. More than 365,000 Americans joined the campaign to draft Sen. Warren, and her agenda and message of tackling income inequality and the power of Wall Street unquestionably transformed the American political landscape and the 2016 election. MoveOn and our allies at Democracy for America built 2016’s first and biggest on-the-ground operations in Iowa and New Hampshire, with field offices, full-time organizers, dozens of high-profile endorsements, and thousands of grassroots activists. Although Warren declined to run, our campaign demonstrated that there was a potent grassroots movement ready to support a candidate who speaks out against a rigged economic and political system.
  • In January 2016, MoveOn endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders with an overwhelming 78.6% of votes cast in favor of backing Sanders. Sanders won more total votes and a higher percentage of votes than any presidential candidate has received in MoveOn’s 17-year history. As the largest grassroots organization to back Sanders, MoveOn members helped power the movement with more than $1.2 million in donations; turned out tens of thousands of volunteers to make calls, knock on doors, and host events; and regularly served as surrogates on television helping bring Bernie’s message to millions of voters. In total, MoveOn members helped Sen. Sanders win 22 states, thousands of delegates, and millions of votes.
  • In Spring 2016, MoveOn members voted to launch a multi-million dollar effort to stop Donald Trump and keep him out of the White House and ensure the country rejects his hateful and dangerous rhetoric. MoveOn joined with more than 20 leading progressive voices to declare a “five-alarm fire for our democracy” and urge all Americans of good will to commit to standing up to Trump’s “alarming and dangerous” campaign of hate and incitement. Together, MoveOn and allies are planning a massive nonviolent mobilization that includes cultural organizing, voter turnout efforts, and greater accountability for leaders who refuse to condemn Trump.