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Joining MoveOn’s National Call from Home Team will help reach tens of thousands of voters in the most vital, flippable districts in the country. Each of these MoveOn endorsed candidates is within just a few points of their Republican opponent, and we know that talking to enough voters in these districts can win a campaign.

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CallS needed in the east!

We are encouraging people to call candidates for seats in the House of Representatives. Our top priority today is to end GOP control of the House. 

Note: These candidates have been selected from MoveOn’s list of endorsed candidates because they provide one-link access to the most efficient technology and best volunteer experience

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BREAKING: Today’s Election Day. With the weather from Ohio to Florida, we’re emphasizing Eastern Time Zone races. If you get shut out of dialing for a particular campaign, check with our slack channel support, other volunteers are updating codes that are changing fast. 



Debbie Mucarsel-Powell — WON!!!

U.S. Congress Florida 26th District
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell immigrated to the United States as a young girl with her mother and sisters – she believes we must give people a fair chance by focusing on growing the economy, paying workers a living wage, and making college affordable. Right now, Debbie’s race is one of the closest in the country.

Liz Watson

U.S. Congress Indiana 9th District
Liz represented victims of domestic violence and moms who were being denied assistance and has worked as the executive director of the Georgetown Poverty Center. Liz is fighting for affordable health care, good-quality education for our kids, good-paying jobs, equal rights, and a clean environment.

Jess King

U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 11th District
Jess has spent her life in the trenches of our economy, rolling up her sleeves alongside Mennonites, refugees and lifelong Pennsylvanians to build stronger communities and small businesses that provide a living wage and serve people and planet.

Andy Kim — WON!!!

U.S Congress New Jersey 3rd District
Andy’s father was raised in an orphanage. His mother grew up experiencing famine and hunger. Andy’s parents came to New Jersey for the public schools that helped him become a Rhodes Scholar and a national security expert. Andy is fighting for his family, his neighbors, the community that raised him, and for the state that gave him the American dream.



Randy Bryce

U.S. Congress Wisconsin 1st District
Randy was raised in southeastern Wisconsin and went to public schools. Randy’s parents both currently suffer from serious health issues—his mother from multiple sclerosis, and his father from Alzheimer’s. Seeing their health struggles in the face of Paul Ryan’s attempts to repeal Obamacare and attack Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid helped Randy decide to enter the race. Randy is a union ironworker, a veteran, and a cancer survivor. He has fought for single-payer health care, the Fight for $15 movement, and to improve the lives of working people. Randy is a working-class champion who speaks to the concerns of voters who are sick of millionaire members of Congress ignoring them.

Aftab Pureval

U.S Congress Ohio 1st District
Aftab is the son of first-generation Americans who came to this country to give themselves and their family more opportunities. Aftab has made access to justice a priority by launching a Help Center to assist people who are representing themselves with legal resources so more people can utilize our courts. Aftab has also been active in his community, becoming the first man to serve on the board of the Women’s Fund. He is also on the boards of the Ohio Innocence Project and Cincinnati Union Bethel.

J.D. Scholten

U.S. Congress Iowa 4th District
J.D. is a lifelong Democrat who in October of 2002 took a 20-hour one-way bus ride to protest the Iraq war and has volunteered on local, state and national campaigns. J.D is running against Steve King, a man so blatantly racist that even the National Republican Congressional Committee has abandoned him.

Gina Ortiz Jones

U.S. Congress Texas 23rd District
Gina Ortiz Jones has dedicated her life to public service. As a veteran, a member of the LGBTQ community, and a first-generation American, she would bring a unique perspective in Congress that’s sorely missing and fight for progressive values such as health care for all.

Sri Preston Kulkarni

U.S. Congress Texas 22nd District
Sri served his country for 14 years, with overseas tours in Iraq, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Jamaica. Sri speaks Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, and Russian. He is committed to fighting for true universal health care, the passage of a clean Dream Act, and the restoration of the Voting Rights Act.

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan

U.S. Congress Illinois 13th District
For Betsy, her decision to run is very personal. In 2009, a life-threatening illness left Jack, her 12 year-old son, in a medically-induced coma fighting for his life. After Jack’s long road to recovery, Betsy firmly believes that no family should be put in danger of bankruptcy because of a medical emergency and that people with pre-existing conditions need to be able to afford their care.

Lauren Underwood — WON!!!

U.S. Congress Illinois 14th District
Lauren Underwood is a registered nurse, She was appointed by President Obama to help implement the Affordable Care Act. Lauren knows first-hand the importance of quality, affordable health care. When Republican Rep. Randy Hultgren voted to take away health care from millions of Americans, Lauren stepped up to run for office.



Katie Porter

U.S. Congress California 45th District
Katie has spent nearly twenty years fighting Wall Street banks on behalf of consumers and families. She will fight for a Medicare for All system, the right for women to make their own health decisions, an assault weapons ban, and comprehensive immigration reform.

Ann Kirkpatrick — WON!!!

U.S. Congress Arizona 2nd District
Ann Kirkpatrick was born and raised in rural Arizona. In her first term in Congress, Ann passed bills that helped Arizona’s veterans and Native American tribes. Ann calls her support of the Affordable Care Act her “proudest vote.” Ann is fighting to expand health insurance access because unexpected medical events happen to families. And there are millions of families in this country one medical emergency or event away from bankruptcy.

T.J. Cox

U.S. Congress California 21st District
TJ Cox’s passion is community development. He is a native Californian and the son of immigrants. Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity led him to create the Central Valley Fund, which raises money for projects in economically-disadvantaged neighborhoods. These projects have created 1,500 well-paying jobs and brought health care to 40,000 Central Valley residents.

Audrey Denney

U.S. Congress California 1st District
Audrey’s experience working with people of all backgrounds while inspiring change through action and teaching will help her to represent the North State effectively. Audrey has rejected all corporate PAC money and is an advocate of Medicare for All.

Josh Harder — WON!!!

U.S. Congress California 10th District
Josh teaches business at Modesto Junior College, where he is passing on the lessons he’s learned to the next generation. Josh will stand up to President Trump when he is wrong and fight his agenda when it threatens our values and our families.



Diane Mitsch Bush

U.S. Congress Colorado 3rd District
Diane’s is known for walking the talk and standing up for her constituents, Her record shows that she has consistently fought for the people, the economy, and the environment of rural Colorado to get things done.

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