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Defend the Mueller Investigation.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian efforts to interfere with U.S. elections has already led to several guilty pleas and nearly 20 indictments, while circling closer to Trump’s closest cronies. That’s why Trump is lashing out and could fire Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees Mueller’s work. We’re fighting to defend the Mueller investigation—and with allies, we’re preparing a rapid-response network of more than 900 events and over 350,000 participants if Trump ends the investigation. Join the network at TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw.org.

Confront gun violence and the NRA.

Young people from across the country, including student survivors of the Parkland massacre, have led the way in demanding real change to end gun violence. MoveOn is standing with young people urging action from elected officials and taking the fight directly to the NRA to break its stranglehold on American politics. We are pressuring politicians and companies to end their affiliations with the NRA, working to expand the national discussion to include gun violence that impacts communities of color, and supporting student-led organizing. Add your name to say “enough is enough.”

Win Elections and Endorse Progressive Candidates

As we march to the ballot box this November, MoveOn is endorsing 100 congressional candidates to end the GOP control of Congress. And we’re endorsing 100 dynamic, diverse, progressive candidates for state and local office. Along the way, we’re diving into special elections—including the Arizona congressional race where we endorsed Hiral Tipirneni—a progressive candidate who turned a district that voted overwhelmingly for Trump into a toss-up contest.

Oppose Trump’s March to War

Donald Trump is assembling a war Cabinet to rush his march toward war. And while we can’t stop warmonger John Bolton, who, Trump appointed to be his national security adviser, we worked hard to defeat the nomination of Mike Pompeo as secretary of state. Pompeo is a pro-torture, anti-diplomacy, anti-Muslim, anti-choice, anti-LGBT, climate-change denier who is unfit to serve. MoveOn members made 15,000 calls to the Senate to reject Pompeo, and we ran videos, ads, and digital billboards that helped sway the vast majority of Democrats to oppose him. While the effort fell short of persuading Republicans, it has been a critical fight to oppose Trump’s rush to war—and to lay the groundwork against further military escalation Trump and Pompeo have planned.

Stand against Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.
Donald Trump has escalated his all-out attack on immigrants in America—increasing brutal deportations, separating families, detaining sick and pregnant immigrants, and announcing the end to the successful DACA program that enabled young immigrants to live, work, and support their communities without fear of deportation. Fighting alongside immigrant-led allied organizations, MoveOn members are actively demanding that Congress pass a clean Dream Act to protect immigrant youth—and are pushing back against policies and agencies that hurt immigrant communities, so that all Americans, regardless of immigration status, can live, work, and support their communities without fear, including calling on governors to refuse to send the National Guard to militarize the Mexican border.

Say “no” to the Sinclair merger.
Sinclair is the largest broadcaster—and it’s trying to get even bigger with a merger that would put it in an unprecedented 72% of American homes. But the company is known for forcing its local stations to air must-run right-wing propaganda, earning it the nickname “Trump TV.” Tell the FCC to block the Sinclair merger—because no media company should have that much power.

Resist the Muslim Ban.
When Trump announced his first Muslim Ban, MoveOn members joined others in their communities protesting at airports around the country in a massive, vibrant, powerful display of resistance to the Trump administration’s racist vision for America—and we’ve rejected each version of his ban ever since. When the Supreme Court announces its ruling on the constitutionality of the Muslim Ban, MoveOn will join allies to declare “no ban” and to stand up to Trump’s Islamophobic agenda.