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BREAKING: The 99% Have Spoken In Ohio!

Gloria Howell, Ethel Dyer, and Charlene Petties, members of Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE/AFSCME Local 4) Local 101, celebrate the defeat of Issue 2. (Photo by Tessa Berg)

In a stunning defeat of the 1%, voters yesterday rejected the horrendous Ohio Senate Bill 5, which attempted to bar public sector strikes, cut bargaining rights for 360,000 public employees, and scrap binding arbitration of labor-management disputes. The margin was nearly 2 to 1, and even Governor Kasich, who pulled in millions of dollars from sources including the billionaire Koch brothers and Dick Cheney’s daughter, admitted defeat in a rather contrite video posted this morning.

Gov. Scott Walker, did you sleep well last night? Your pink slip is next up in Wisconsin.

Congratulations to the progressive forces in the state of Ohio and all who helped with this victory!