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MoveOn statement on Trump’s hiring of white supremacist as top advisor

Statement from MoveOn.org National Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre on hiring of white supremacist as top advisor to Trump:

“If there was any question whether Donald Trump would become less racist or divisive after entering the Oval Office, his choosing of the anti-semitic, white supremacist leader Steve Bannon to serve as his chief strategist and senior counsel in the White House makes it clear that a Trump administration will embrace policies that pose serious threats to millions of Americans.

“We urge Trump to immediately rescind his hiring of Bannon if he has any intention of uniting Americans in the coming years. Americans of good conscience denounce the appointment of Bannon, and every elected official — Democrat, Republican, or Independent — should reject this appointment clearly. This election and its results made clear that our nation is more divided than ever; a president who cozies up to the KKK and embraces white supremacists is a serious threat to the values we hold as a country.

“Last week, Trump said he would attempt to be a president for all Americans — a claim which flies in the face of the historically hateful and divisive campaign he ran — and his initial decisions and actions over the past week have proved otherwise. From hiring unabashed bigots to attacking the core tenets of the First Amendment in a series of tweets lobbed at hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors and leading media outlets, Trump continues to prove that he’s more interested in peddling his dangerous and divisive agenda that working toward real solutions to our country’s challenges. We agree with the Southern Poverty Law Center that Trump should rescind his appointment of Bannon, immediately.”