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An updated logo and website for MoveOn members.

As MoveOn members turn toward the 2018 elections, we are launching a new website, have updated our digital tools, and are changing our logo! The goal is to have our look and feel work better on mobile and social, be more recognizable in the world, and better reflect the dynamic, active MoveOn community.

The changes we’re making to the site should make our tools easier for MoveOn members to use and reflect the core of what MoveOn’s about: We are democracy in action, and we stand for people-powered progress—the idea that millions of us, working together, can and will play a vital role in creating a more just country where everyone can thrive.

Our new website lifts up our core values, like equality, sustainability, justice, and love. And it is designed to make MoveOn members’ work and impact more visible.

This is the most comprehensive update to MoveOn’s logo and website — our petition pages, donation pages, blog posts about our campaigns, and more — that we’ve made in our 20-year history. Since our founding, MoveOn’s team has used technology to connect Americans in ways that build our power to change our country and communities for the better. Given how much time Americans now spend on social media, video, and mobile — and given how these tools have transformed the way we can organize and campaign together — we worked to make sure our digital and real-world tools and presence are as strong and functional as possible heading into this election cycle. Equipped with these updated tools, MoveOn members will do all we can to bring about a wave election that checks Trump’s power, ends Republican control of the House, and sweeps inspiring progressive candidates into office.

As of today, we’re making the following changes:

  • An updated, more recognizable, social-media-friendly logo symbolizing what MoveOn stands for. The three squares that form our new logo serve as an allusion to the protest signs that have been so prominent at the past year’s marches and Resistance actions. They represent the fact that MoveOn’s strength comes from grassroots people power. The logo’s upward trajectory also signals movement and progress. The logo is designed to be distinctive and recognizable, and to function well on mobile devices and social media, which is where millions of people regularly engage with MoveOn’s organizing and campaigns.
  • A new, easier-to-use, optimized-for-mobile website. We have streamlined the content of our website and optimized it for mobile devices. (More than 50 percent of visits to our site are coming from mobile devices now.) We’ve also articulated our values at the center of our new site, to make clearer to first-time visitors who MoveOn members are, what we stand for, and how they can get involved. Our redesigned site navigation will make it easier for visitors to find the actions and information they’re looking for. Our redesigned homepage highlights the impact of the work our members do. And many pages, like donations and petitions, have been overhauled to not only get the job done, but also improve the experience of anyone using that page.
  • An upgraded petitions tool, featuring cleaner, mobile-optimized petition and share pages as well as (coming soon) a revamped petition creation process—all focused on helping MoveOn members drive greater impact through petition campaigns. Creating and managing petitions will be easier on mobile, and initial tests show it’s likely that petitions signers will be significantly more likely to share petitions they’ve signed.
  • Streamlining code. Our tech team has painstakingly updated and streamlined the infrastructure that powers our digital toolset, eliminating outdated and unnecessary code, and architecturing for greater scale. This means pages on our website will load faster, key actions like signing petitions will happen faster and more easily (especially when lots of people are trying to take action at the same time), and more people will take action. The upshot is that more of us can take action together, with less hiccups along the way.
  • Goodbye “.org”—You can still of course find us on the web at www.moveon.org, but digital organizing is changing, and mobile and social have become crucial additions to mass mobilization via email and the Web. During last year’s health care fight, for example, MoveOn members generated more than 100,000 phone calls to Congress via text messages and social media videos, none of which originated or lived on a “.org,” and hashtags and handles are now as prominent as URLs. Given this, instead of MoveOn.org, we’ll now usually refer to ourselves simply as MoveOn.

These updates, along with recent projects from MoveOn, such as our open-source peer-to-peer text messaging tool, Spoke, as well as our Video Lab that’s produced progressive, organic videos reaching nearly half a billion views in less than two years, will help MoveOn members to continue to raise their voices and share our messages and vision in powerful ways and maximize our impact for years to come.

Here’s how our new look is likely to appear out in the world:

We’re excited to head toward the midterms with this new toolset, website, and identity to help us exercise our shared power as a community of millions and win.

If you have questions, or feedback (or spot any bugs!), please let us know by filling out this survey: https://act.moveon.org/survey/moveon_feedback/


—Ann Lewis, Chief Technology Officer & Nick Berning, Chief Communications Officer, MoveOn

P.S. Check out this video to see a bit more of what this will look like: